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Lazar School Parents In Montville Twp. Ask For A Middle-school Sports Program - Education - Northjersey.com

Parents also named a sampling of local school districts with middle-school sports teams. Boonton, Denville, Parsippany, Lincoln Park, West Essex and East Hanover were http://blackzayk.wordpress.com among the schools named. The parents also said that for middle-school more students, being coached by their dads in the recreation program is not the same as being coached by a professional. Dr. Paul Fried, superintendent of schools, said that it would be difficult to have a program in place for this spring because the 2014-15 budget did not provide funding for middle-school sports and that games would be difficult to arrange since teams already kim kardashian & ray have their schedules completed. Dr. Matthew Kayne, vice president of MTBOE, said that Fried and James Tevis, business administrator and Board secretary, would evaluate the situation. He also said that if they did this for baseball, they would have to do it for other front page sports. Food service fight Lydia Bruno, a cafeteria worker for the Montville Township school system, informed the Board of Education that negotiations with the newly approved Pomptonian Food Service kim kardashian breasts were not going well.
Source: http://www.northjersey.com/news/education/lazar-school-parents-in-montville-twp-ask-for-a-middle-school-sports-program-1.1120479

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