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Bad Case Of Bad Taste In Hollywood | Cw39 Newsfix

Lets talk about the new Nicki Minaj lyric video http://arnulfoqrhh.yuku.com for her kim kardashian bio song Only . With its homage to Nazi progpaganda, its got people all riled up. Once the video went viral, Minaj quickly felt the wrath of social media, with users slamming her for glorifying Nazism, and the Anti-Defamation League calling it a new low for pop culture. The animated lyric video featuring Drake, Lil Waye and Chris Brown was released online and shows disturbing imagery of Minaj as a fascist-looking figure presiding before an army of soldiers wearing red arm bands. The initals for her record label, young money, can be seen on large banners, which appears to resemble swastika-like flags. So, what does the 31-year-old rapper have to say for herself? Minaj tweeted her apology: I didnt come up with the concept, but Im very sorry and take full responsilibity if it has offended anyone. Id never condone nazism in my art. Sounds like a flimsy excuse becausethe video is *very* misleading if thats the case.
Source: http://cw39.com/2014/11/12/bad-case-of-bad-taste-in-hollywood/

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